Tuesday, March 20, 2012

48Hr Video Race Ideas

Before class thoughts on Video Races in general:

I've planed several video races before through Flicker. I really enjoy planning them and getting to see what every one comes up with. I've only ever participated in one and i'm pretty excited to do another!!!
In the Races I've helped plan we usually have both a prop and a line that have to be used.
We tend to make pick a prop that most people would have on hand.  For example, a toaster or a deck of cards.
we do this because
1 we can't afford to buy everyone a prop
2 college student's are also poor

We also like to give them a crazy line to add incorporate into the film.
I think it's a silly way to sponsor creativity and it's usually a random part of a sentence out of a book magazine or news letter.

Witnessing the created contexts is the most pleasurable part of watching the films!

There will actually be a 48Hr race sponsored by Flicker latter this year. The newest officers are organizing it; i will be able to participate for the first time in 3 years. i think my skills are a bit rusty but, i'm pretty excited to jump in head first.

After Class:

wow! i'm a bit appreciative about this project. i want to create something new and exciting with an un-thought of medium but i don't know if i trust my abilities.
Also, i don't have a video phone or a webcam to fall back on. i'd like to have that security net just in case my project turns out to not turn out (as it were)

I don't want to fall back on my pinhole camera (though i thoroughly enjoy using it) either. however i believe that if i research how to make a new camera (not with a matchbox) on my own i could really take ownership of my medium.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cameraless Filmmaking!!!!!


Cameraless filmmaking.... 
So i kind of goofed on my animation. i thought i was being clever but after i finished drawing on the film i realized that my smileys are going to be sidewase. its gonna be ok though, i think i can live with it. i'm learning to let serendipity take control. this is art not science. and heck, i think it may actually be cooler this way.

Plus i've leaned that it you think it will look cool it probably will; even if it's not what you anticipate.


Monday, February 20, 2012

wells.. I like animation...

Growing up i loved cartoons. I really liked the Animaniacs, all Disney work, especially the princesses   and the Fairly Odd-Parents. I liked theses animations for what i realize was their self reflective qualities (except for the princess films...hello, i was an 8 year old girl)
Animaniacs_by_ryusparrow.jpg disney-princesses11.jpg

I always knew that there was some animation that i just didn't like (later i realized that it had to the the aesthetics of the animation style.)
ren-stempy-7.jpg (Ren and Stempy=Ew)   thumb.jpg

I Never really concerned with work that went into that type of animation. but now that i'm in college and have friends that are in animation, i have learned to respect all the work that it takes to be an animator. the only chance i will ever have to be a success in the animation field is with stop motion. I'm not necessarily artistic but i am damn crafty. I helped on a stop-motion project for the first time last semester and found it extremely tiresome and rewarding. 
I have a keen interest in the Storytelling in film whether is is in animation or live action. In animation the key to my approval (vs. just respect) comes in how the styles utalize the medium. breaking the 4th wall and standing past a ravine is defiantly something that couldn't easily be replicated in real life

Monday, February 13, 2012

I made a movie without a camera!!!!!!

I find cameraless filmmaking is amazing. I am still astonished that i can create moving image with out a camera. that may sound a bit lame but, my first exposure to the film world was through the Flicker Film Society. they were all about cameras, lighting, narrative structure, and "the industry". when it comes to art...i love getting my hands dirty, literary and figuratively. there is nothing better than having paint covered or dye stained hands (in my professional opinion). being able to touch film is something I've only done as a projectionist in the past, and man have i been missing out. i think i finally understand the filmmakers i studied in my history of avant-garde class. well at least about why they chose their medium.

Synesthesia and Cymatics readings

I just notice this was missing.
I will find my original document and post it soon!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

First BOLG!!!

~The first video we watched in class was not my 'cup of tea.
I've just escaped form the History of Avant-Garde class (I say "escaped" not because it wasn't at interesting but, because it was 4hrs of mind numbing film; from 6-10pm) and well I'm just tired of structuralist films.
I really appreciate the work and the art but my mind has become mush and doesn't like to engage with such art at this time.
~During the free time I wrote (rather incoherently):
Squiggles and Triforce
too Long
loud-base (get the party started!!!)
I like how the sounds (visual and auditory) coordinate
why are all "Avant-Gardy" films SOOOO loud?????

~After watching the Cymatics Lecture I find that my prejudiced eyes could have fooled me in to seeing "coordination" when I could have been witnessing "creation." 

I respect the art but, I don't have to like it.